National Holocaust Remembrance Day

In remembrance of the individuals who suffered during the Holocaust and in honor of the survivors, National Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated to ‘Keep the Memory Alive’ — a reminder that this dark time in the world’s history, from expatriation to imprisonment to freedom, changed the lives of families and the history of the world.  It serves as a guiding force for future generations and a reminder to all of the threats of hate, prejudice, discrimination.


A reception to honor Robert Sutz, American Impressionist painter, for his dedication to keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive through his art. Since 2000, Robert Sutz has exclusively devoted his talent to creating We Remember, a Holocaust Memorial using works of art to remind present and future generations about the Nazi Era. The Holocaust remembrance project exhibits life masks of survivors, liberators and righteous gentiles, along with their brief biographies, and paintings of scenes they witnessed..

Read about Mr. Robert Sutz here.
Zachor Foundation Founder Ben Lesser’s Life Mask

Holocaust Remembrance Project