Then and Now

There is a lot I miss about life before
When my days were vibrant and light
But soon my days turned into so much more
Full of violence, hunger, and a constant fight.

There were the Sunday night dinners, prayers said over candles and wine
A chorus of voices singing along in synchronicity
Now the prayers are whispered in near silence, at best, a distant whine
And gone are the days of voices singing along in pure simplicity

I miss the walks in the cool, open air, with streets filled to the brim.
With flower pots lining the side walk and food sold at every corner.
Now the food is scarce, the bodies of those surrounding me frail, and slim
I am surrounded by my own people, the Jews, but I am in this camp because I am told I am a foreigner.

I miss the laughter, friends, dancing, reading, every flower and every tree.
I miss days spent out in the snow, or by the fire, places where I felt I belonged on this earth.
But more than anything, I miss who I used to be,
when I remember the days I was treated as if I had value and worth.