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As a survivor of the Holocaust,  2nd generation, 3G or 4G, it is now your


To wear this pin, to share our stories and to ensure the world always remembers.

Why Generation Now? Why This Pin?

In 2008, Ben purchased a tiny lapel pin with the Hebrew letters of the word ZACHOR … Remember. Because this pin was affixed to his jacket, people asked him what it meant wherever he spoke or traveled. Each time, Ben would explain the meaning of the pin and hand them one as a gift so they, too, could remember and share his story.

This little piece of jewelry symbolizes much more than just the word “remember.” It symbolizes an idea. A passion. A promise to our dear departed ones, that are crying out to the world in a single word “ZACHOR.” Do not forsake us.

Lesser’s commitment to the cause inspired the Foundation’s new Generation Now campaign. The Generation Now campaign encourages second, 3rd and 4th  generations to wear the ZACHOR pin proudly in response to the antisemitism that is still running rampant throughout the world. Feel empowered to share your ancestors’ stories and educate your peers surrounding the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Today, our pins are distributed to audiences across the globe with each of Ben’s speaking engagements.  Educators, organizations and individuals who are passionate about ensuring we always remember, claim these pins and contribute to our mission.

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Generation Now: It’s Our Turn!

Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family members survived so that you could live as a free Jew and thrive today. Wear this pin to share their story…to share our people’s collective story.

Ben with Great Grandson, 4G survivor

The Power of Wearing this Pin

  • Wear this pin with honor and tell everyone you and your family’s truth and
    story of survival.
  • Wear this pin as a reminder that you represent our people’s future and
    commitment to peace.
  • Wear this pin as a call for tolerance, acceptance, respect and love.
  • Wear this pin to showcase your honor in your heritage, in your religion,
    in your survival.
  • Wear this pin to remind others that a Holocaust can never happen again.

There are 6 million reasons to wear this pin.

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Where You Can Find ZACHOR Pins Around the World

Almost 1 MILLION ZACHOR Pins are being worn around the world today.

The pins are the life-blood of the organization. As small as it is, the message is mighty. Each organization and/or institution listed below has become an ambassador to ZACHOR thanks to these powerful pins…and now you can wear and share your pin in the same way as a badge of honor.

Find a list of the hundreds of organizations, institutions and media networks sharing our pins with the world here.

Our community wears
their pins with honor and purpose:

As the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, the word Zachor means sharing my Grandfather’s legacy and educating people on the horrors of the Holocaust because I believe that knowledge is power and knowledge is never forgetting.

More so today than ever before, we ought to wear it not so much on our shirts and jackets on the outside, but in our hearts on the inside.

As a husband of a 3G, I know the importance to educate the youth to remind them of what our ancestors sacrificed for our freedom and to never forget.

Connect with our community of generational Holocaust survivors and descendants today. Join our Generational Survivors Facebook group!

Let’s work together so one day, 6 million people will wear ZACHOR pins with honor!

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Interested in Multiple Pins?

Sharing our story and gathering our community is more important than ever. Should you be interested in multiple pins for you and your family and/or organization, please visit our Shop page.


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Thank you for considering the future of ZACHOR. Your donation helps keep the memories alive and allows for our foundation to continue educating our youth for a better tomorrow.