Legacy Gifting

Thank you for considering the future of ZACHOR. Your legacy gift helps keep the memories of our lost ones alive and allows our foundation to continue educating our youth for a better tomorrow.

What is a Legacy Gift? How do you plan for one?

A Legacy Gift is a planned future gift to a charity or non-profit organization that actualizes when you pass away.  That gift can be anything from a piece of property, cash or percentage of an estate. A portion of the fund is distributed to ZACHOR and plays a key role in supporting initiatives. Although donations are the life-blood of the organization and assist for today’s immediate initiatives, legacy gifting ensures that the mission continues for years to come.

Who can leave a Legacy Gift?

Anyone can leave a Legacy Gift. Legacy gifts can be of any size; there is no gift too small to make an impact on a cause so close to your heart! A legacy gift can come from anyone who shares the values of our organization and wants to see the foundation thrive into the future.

What types of Legacy Gifts are there and what do we accept?

There are many ways to make planned gifts. Legacy gifts can be monetary, material goods, property, and/or stocks. Most legacy gifts are made through wills and trusts and can even be made simply by listing a non-profit as the beneficiary of a bank or pension account.

We accept all types of gifting.

  • Planned giving
  • Estate planning
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Wills and living trusts
  • Donations

There are tax benefits of gifting and tax advantages for beneficiaries. To learn more, please contact your financial advisor or accountant and our specialized account manager today!

Get Started Today!

If you are interested in making a legacy gift to ZACHOR, please contact our specialized accounts manager at:

Myrna Valdez at [email protected] or call us at: 800.575.9583