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Meet Ben Lesser. One of the few remaining Holocaust Survivors today is seeking your help to capture his story through a collection of 3D recordings to live on forever.

Ben survived an astounding four concentration camps, two death marches and two death trains. One of which was the notorious ill-fated death train shuttling 3,000 inmates from Buchenwald to Dachau nearing 3 weeks without food or water. Only 18 walked out alive. This was 3 days before liberation in 1945. As of TODAYBen is the ONLY survivor still alive.  

He has traversed the world sharing his story of survival and overcoming the atrocities of the Holocaust and emerging to become a leader in the movement to empower Survivors and encourage remembrance for generations to come.

Ben’s story is unique. It is more than just recounting his place in history. It is about the choices he made and challenges that taught him endurance and perseverance. His visual testimony provides value-based education and leadership tools to enable students and others to recognize and combat intolerance. His Never Forget message is the passageway to “Living A Life That Matters.” – ZACHOR (To Remember).

Your support will allow us to create an educational timepiece that is powerful, meaningful and historical. 

Ben Lesser Legacy

The time is NOW. Recently celebrating his 90th birthday, Ben is keenly aware that his time and abilities to travel and teach will only continue to diminish.  It is our greatest hope to raise funds to capture his journey and lessons that follow in a collection of pre-recorded 3D interviews enabling students to interact through virtual conversations years after they pass with The New Dimensions in Testimony Project allowing him to leave a legacy that educates.

The installation of interactive biographies will be hosted in many museums throughout the nation and available for educators to include within their Holocaust curriculum. There are 16 subjects to date and it is our goal for Ben, one of the last living survivors, to be #17. The installation takes roughly one month to produce and costs nearly $30,000. This is a unique, engaging and incredible opportunity for educators and students alike. To learn more about this once in a lifetime project, please visit Dimensions In Testimony.

To learn more about Ben and his mission, please click here.

We are grateful for every donation received as it gets us one step closer to our goal. As an appreciation of your tax-deductible gift we will include the following

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  • $525 and above – copy of the movie “The Liberators: Why we fought” from the History Chanel Germany along with a signed copy of book and ZACHOR pin.

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