USSR annexes Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina from Romania

During the Soviet annexation of Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia in June of 1940, and the withdrawal of Romanian troops from that area, the Romanians attacked the local population, particularly the Jews, accusing them of being Communists and Soviet sympathizers, and blaming them for armed acts of provocation against Romanian soldiers. During this period, and without any connection to the Nazis, Romanian army units murdered hundreds of Jews: on 30 June 1940, a withdrawing Romanian battalion massacred some 200 Jews in Dorohoi, a town on the border with Bukovina. Infantry Battalion 16, withdrawing south from Northern Bukovina towards Falticeni, under the command of the antisemitic Maj. Valeriu Carp, brutally tortured and murdered dozens of Jews. Even when the withdrawal of the Romanian troops from Soviet-annexed territory was completed the massacres continued, assisted by further infantry battalions which actively participated. Jewish soldiers serving in the Romanian army were also the victims of humiliation and torture by the Romanian soldiers, and a number of Jewish soldiers were murdered.