Learning About the Holocaust Through Survivors’ Stories in Las Vegas, NV

Teaching children about the Holocaust is a heavy task for both teachers and parents. Explaining the full gravity of something so tragic is difficult for those who didn’t experience it firsthand, which makes the stories of survivors an invaluable resource. Here are three ways to learn about the Holocaust through the eyes of survivors.

Hear a Survivor Talk in Person

Although there are fewer Holocaust survivors with each passing year, no learning experience compares to hearing a Holocaust survivor story in person. Libraries and museums often host speeches from Holocaust survivors. If you know a survivor personally, schedule a meeting over the phone or video chat.

Watch Recorded Interviews

In the age of distance learning, videos of Holocaust survivors telling their stories is a very accessible resource. The importance of documenting these tragic and triumphant stories means there are plenty of videos available, and most are free. Teachers should consider incorporating these resources into their distance learning plans.

Read Books and Articles

Another easily accessible resource is books and articles. If you want to find a Holocaust survivor story from someone who died long ago, print resources may be the only option. There are also many famous published accounts like the works of author and survivor Elie Wiesel.

Are you looking for more educational resources? The Zachor Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the tragedies of the Holocaust are never forgotten. Visit www.zachorfoundation.org for more information.